Millicent Winthrop Novels

Cunigunda Valentine

Make Mine the Italian

Millicent Winthrop, an amateur sleuth, solves crimes while also dealing with her multiple personality disorder. The loves of her life include her psychiatrist, Dr. Alfredo Martolini, and her two pugs, Holmes and Watson. In this first book Millicent with the help of her employer, Mr. Buckminster Smythe, rescue a kidnapped soccer player from the very dangerous Vasilov Bugàr—a man with a deep seated anger and vengeance against all things soccer.

To Die For

The escaped Vasilov Bugàr wrecks havoc on Millicent by kidnapping Dr Martolini in order to draw her out into the open. Meanwhile Millicent’s disorder escalates and the new persona of Veronica Nero comes to the fore. And the aid of her new personality, Millicent is challenged to rescue her beloved Alfredo.

At Last You

Vasilov Bugàr now threatens to blow up a stadium full of people at the World Cup, and Millicent with the help of Dr. Martolini, Mr. Smythe, and Holmes and Watson must stop him. During the course of this story Millicent and her doctor struggle to make sense of their relationship as well as her many personalities.

The Dynamic Trio

Millicent Winthrop

"Stay alert, boys! We must find the missing midfielder before our villain does his dirty work!"

Millicent Winthrop

"I don’t care who you are—Millicent Winthrop or Veronica Nero—
I love you and that is all there is to it!”
“You do?”
“Sí, mia cara, I do!"

Dr. Alfredo Martolini

"Nothing or no one can stop me from my mission, including that insipid and annoying Millicent Winthrop. How such an intelligent and crafty woman can have such a horrible fashion sense is beyond me!"

Vasilov Bugàr

Veronica Nero

"“But ‘olmes, ‘ow long do we ‘ave to stay in these disguises?”
“I say, Watson, you know as well as I that Millicent is counting
on us to see who is purchasing these novels and who is not!
Now look alive— it is our duty as official canine sleuths to complete our mission.”
“Oh yeah, our mission!”"

And so it begins

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